Things which need doing

- finish your website- organize FG website - consolidate your thoughts on Metaphysical - work on S3 - lyrics for Functional - take more photos - get a better job/make money from your own work - get a new guitar - get superior drummer - Blah blah blah

Cedar Creek

On Sunday, we drove to Cedar Creek (not the northern one which would have taken half an hour to get to, the one on the south coast near Mt. Tamborine). 20111207-174859.jpg

We stopped at a place called The Bearded Dragon. They had a small pool table, a jukebox, some alpacas, this stupid thing and not much else. Pam is a Bearded Dragon.


Aiden and Danielle are also Bearded Dragons.


Here we are at the falls. It was quite cool down there.


And also very pretty.




Some braved the freezing water.


It took Nick twenty minutes to get in the water due to his hilarious lack of body fat. It took him three minutes to get out, however. As you can see, I was the seventh wheel on this trip.

We drove home. The end.