2012: A Summation

Well, here we are, and here I am at the end of another year. And didn’t it just fly? Everyone seems to be saying that and every time someone does the very next thing someone else will say is, “We always say that though, don't we?”. It is annoying, but it is true: we always feel the same at the end of the year. “Where-the-shit did that 11-and-a-half months go?”. I don’t know. I guess we must have been doing things which distracted us from being present. Or maybe being too present speeds things up because future and past become irrelevant? Who knows. It's not as if time speeds up or anything. Well, that depends on which sort of time you are talking about. Time is subjective, so if we perceive that one block of time has gone faster than another block of time, then surly this must (at least to us) be true. We are all we have. Of course there is the whole entropy, constant decay, 'arrow of time' thing always at play, but the world in our heads can speed up or slow down whenever it wants. Things seem to go faster when we are enjoying ourselves. Maybe a lot of us just had a good year? I know 2012 was one of my best years. The increasingly frenetic nature of our lives/society would obviously contribute as well. My god! Technology, work, transport, coffee, changing climatic conditions, procreation, politics, creative process – all so fast! Just fuck off!


I haven't posted much this year, which must mean that I have actually been doing things. So, what happened?

Started my year by becoming involved in an indie documentary production about a new theatre show 'A Spectacular/Tribute of Sorts'. This was an interesting and valuable and long experience. I finished and published my personal webportfolio which was great. I was still working at a tourist store until April. I then left that horrible job because it was a waste of my everything.

Then the five months after that, I tried to focus on Fine Goods and my own creativity. This was a great chance to take breath and attempt something good. My second skerreks album was reignited in this period. I finally let go of my preciousness and just began to play/make mistakes/get things done. Nick and I created a really cool stop-motion video clip for TLLB and also made a very impressive promotional documentary for LCP. These were both great learning experiences. This year, we really started to come together and get excited and motivated about the business. In the last few months we worked on three QPIX films which (Clara, The Score and What Planet Are You From). These were nightmares/wonderful experiences. We gained a lot of confidence in our own abilities and learned that we are actually really quite good at dealing with people/standing our ground.

In August, a guy called Jeremy asked Nick if he knew anyone who would like a job shooting video for his company, Travelreel (they are a startup who create online content for hotels). Nick told me to give him a call. I have been a contractor for TR for about four months and have learned an extraordinary amount about shooting and many other things (in a very short period of time). I also get paid for my work. This is a truly amazing thing.

So, Fine Goods is going well and is planning on dominating in 2013.

I saw some inspiring shows this year (Bonny Price Billy, The Necks, A Tribute of Sorts, Jersey Boys (ha!) there were probably more). What else? Met some lovely people. Enjoyed time with my closest friends. Forgot to spend time with some of my family/other people (this will be rectified in the new year!). I am sure there were many other things which I did, but my recollection of them is quite vague at this point in TIME.

I had a very different/positive year. Gained a lot of confidence in many areas. This is good!
Alright, well, there you go.

"Why do people have to be this lonely? What's the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the Earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?"

Haruki Murakami

And today I see


An unsettled sky / Looming with cracked indifference / Neon billboards lost in curling fog / Roads strewn with silence and seperation / The malten flicker of lightning on the horizon prompts the question; / Should I be stockpiling? / Storing for a furture of hardship and desolation? / Is this it? / Has the past returned to scorch the future? / Or is this merely a low pressure system?