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Oh hey. I've got a bloody store on here now!

If you like what I do and want to support me, you can now purchase various Callum related things and I will send them to you :)

And look! My colouring book is on there! It's called Colour My World and it consists of 23 original works for you to colour. How good :D

There are other things on there too including 'Thought-forms and Other Character', which is a collection of characters who fell from my brain and also 'Ubiquitous', a handmade book full of colour photographs from a phone. They would make excellent gifts or coffee table adornments or bookshelf enhancers. Other paraphernalia which you will find on there in the future will include things such as photo and illustration prints, clothes, more handmade books, other stuff I'm sure. 

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Shrine Of Memories Revisited

I wrote this on my blog alllll the way back in the deep dark past (2011) and I thought I would post it again as these thoughts have returned to me recently. Here you go:

"I saw a couple today who were photographing the 'Shrine Of Memories' sign in ANZAC square. The irony was not wasted on me and it stirred up a thought which I find myself having every time I take a picture or see someone take a picture or record some audio or whatever. "Are we somehow degrading the moment we are so desperately trying to capture by capturing it?" Of course we are! There is really no avoiding it when you are viewing a moment through an indirect medium. I am not really even experiencing the moment when I am capturing it. I am wondering: "how will this look on my computer screen?", "maybe I should have used a different ISO?", "I hope this cat keeps being so cute", "please don't let this peak".

We become so detached from that magical moment and it becomes something different, something less profound and that is sad, because things need to be captured. Or do they? I mean, really? Isn't it ultimately more rewarding to be fully aware and record that utterly sublime sunset with your own mind? Won't that memory become more special if it is actually your memory, not a JVC or a Canon memory? I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel disgusted at myself when I see something beautiful and immediately have to run and grab my camera (even when seeing that couple taking the picture which inspired this post, I immediately thought: "I should write a blog about that" and I'm sure in the back of my mind it was because I didn't want to forget the moment).

We build up our own little shrine of memories on our hard drives and memory cards which many of us will probably rarely revisit. What are we keeping all this stuff for? What use is it? And that's it! These memories just become more stuff which we have to collect. We are like hunters chasing time, our cameras our weapons.  Our freshly skinned and encoded memories become possessions, trophies of our existence (all in HD of course).

I am cynical, I know. Amazing experiences and interesting things do need to be captured. These moments just become something different, something that didn't exist before, something solid to hang our emotions on. They become bookmarks for our brains. And maybe this is how we remember things best?  But there are times when it is probably more rewarding to put down the filter and interpret reality with our own eyes and our own senses. Immerse ourselves in the moment and trust that our brains will remember it. Or forget about remembering all together and just be."