Two By Two EP

A skerreks Christmas EP about various things which I have chosen to explore in a non-verbal fashion. Themes include animals, electricity, humans, mythology, playfulness, calm, joy, confusion and above all, hope. Enjoy at your own pace.

Oh and another!

'Mostly Sky' is a collection of songs compiled and mixed by Dan Wright from a number of jams I was a part of last year. Adrian, Dan, Kurt and I decided to call this collaboration, 'John' because we couldn't decide on a better name. I am so glad this exists :)

"Originating from 4-track recordings made throughout 2016 in a small rehearsal space among endless rooms of metal bands, Mostly Sky was the result of hours of work of Daniel Wright, sculpting these sounds from their rough, disjointed beginnings into a cohesive flowing whole, gathering and mixing in additional contributions and adding in Philippines TV samples where necessary. "

Another thrown into the void

At long last I have completed 'Balancing', the third release (escape?) from my skerreks project.
Here are some words about it:

"Balancing. Isn't that all any of us are trying to do? Stay afloat amid the ebb and flow of things we can and can't control. Out lives change. Thoughts drift and turn. People die. There is dark and light, soft and loud and bits of gray in between. And we are in the middle of all this just trying not to fall. We do what we can - shifting and flexing as needed.

This music is a purge of all this. An expression of my experience, my emotional state. I do what I can.

This album took far too long to complete. Inspired by my friend Adrian who asked me to submit a track to his label's yearly compilation I created 'Passing True' in January, 2015. The concept behind this track was to simply play; explore sounds which interested me and give little concern to any concept other than the sonic textures which emerged. 'Just play and do the thing' was the overarching theme which developed from this track and led to this album.

But perfectionism and obsession rose their heads and diminished that playful spark. This album was intended to develop quickly and enjoyably, but in many cases was absolutely the opposite. The process of 'Balancing' taught me many things and as my frustration grew around its progress I gave in to those uncomfortable feelings and tried to embrace the journey. I had to find a balance of respecting my creative process and letting go of it when it was time. Such irony, I know.

So here we are. Done at last. Everything we do is a process. Learning, failing, becoming, reflecting, yearning, failing, learning and various other verbs. I hope you find a piece of yourself in this music. Let it take you where it will."

Callum Wheeler
Redcliffe, 11-02-17

Although lose end tying and letting go happened in 2017, this is absolutely a 2016 album. 

Released October 5, 2017