skerreks is the palindrome under which I create music. It could be characterised as electronic, minimal, instrumental, ambient or drone and it definitely started out this way. But as time passes, skerreks is now an open umbrella for all the solo music which I put together. It sounds like me.

Curlew (disbanded but still good mates)

Mark Zian (Guitar & Voice) & Callum Wheeler (Percussion) are friends bordering on family and together they are the electric folk duo Curlew.

They are all chummy now, but this wasn’t always the case. Mark and Callum met in late 2009 and Mark took a liking to Callum instantly, however this feeling was not reciprocated. Mark’s blunt and abrasive nature took a little warming to. Nevertheless, he asked Callum to drum along to some or his songs. Callum declined stating that he didn’t have the time for his own music let alone someone else’s. One year later, he changed his mind.

Curlew’s dynamic and eclectic sound comes from the combination of Mark and Callum’s differing musical backgrounds. Mark being a folk songwriter at heart and Callum coming from a background of ambient electronic music. Callum’s eccentric percussion style works well to complement Mark’s narratives and brings his stories to life.


John was an irregular and poorly attended rehearsal room gathering with Adrian, Kurt and Dan occurring throughout 2016.

Originating from 4-track recordings made throughout 2016 in a small rehearsal space among endless rooms of metal bands, Mostly Sky was the result of hours of work of Daniel Wright, sculpting these sounds from their rough, disjointed beginnings into a cohesive flowing whole, gathering and mixing in additional contributions and adding in Philippines TV samples where necessary.